FlexShopper Backend API

FlexShopper Backed gives external marketplace full integration through our public API. Using our API integrators can implement their own solutions to provide a seamless experience to theirs customers.

Customer Login

Customers will need to be able to request a temporary passcode from FlexShopper via SMS or email. This passcode, along with their email address, will be used to login to the system.

The passcodes FlexShopper sends to users are temporary, single-use, and only valid for a few minutes. They should not be cached, batched, logged, or stored in any other way; they should be sent immediately.

The Customer Tokens used for authenticating with the system are associated with the API key used to generate them, and they should only be used in conjunction with that particular API key. If a request with a Customer Token is received with a *different* API key than the one used to generate it, both accounts may be suspended.

Find below endpoints needed to authenticate a customer

pageRequest PasscodepageLogin Customer

Customer Application

To complete a successful customer application the integrator must follow the proper flow and use the right endpoints.

Find below endpoint to complete a customer application

pageUser ExistspageGet User InfopageRequest PasscodepageInitiate Application

After a customer successful application it might need to verify the identity, find below the necessary endpoints to complete

pageGet Verification QuestionspageVerify Answers

Purchase Transactions

A purchase transaction starts creating a Lease and then signing it. When the vendor ship the order, this one should be acknowledged using confirm-shipment endpoint.

Find below endpoints needed to complete a customer transaction

pageCreate LeasepageGet Lease By IDpageSign LeasepageConfirm ShipmentpageConfirm Receipt

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