API Requests

Every request to FlexShopper API must include an API Key in the Authorization header. This API Key is provided by FlexShopper.

Request body parameters

To construct a REST API request, combine these components:



The HTTP method

GET. Requests data from a resource.POST. Submits data to a resource to process.PUT.

The URL to the API service

Sandbox. https://apis.sandbox.flexshopper.com

Live. https://apis.flexshopper.com

The URI to the resource

The resource to query, submit data to, update, or delete. For example, v3/transactions.

Query parameters

Optional. Controls which data appears in the response. Use to filter, limit the size of, and sort the data in an API response.

HTTP request headers

Includes the Authorizationheader with the access token.

A JSON request body

Required for most GETand POST calls.

All monetary values included in the request (prices, costs, etc.) are displayed as dollars.

Authorization Headers

To access a customer's resources such as applications or leases, the request must be signed with a temporary JSON Web Token. JWT tokens are generated by customer approval and stored in the Customer-Token header.






FlexShopper API Key.



Temporary token to access customers resources.

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